There are a number of services EMs can provide the players. They are as follows,


We would like to help Oceania players celebrate their happy unions with their special someone by assisting them with their wedding ceremony.
We are happy to hold a wedding anywhere the happy couple wish but we do need some information emailed to us before the event.

  • The names of the bride and bridegroom.
  • The time and date you would like the ceremony.
  • The location you would like the ceremony.
  • Whether you would like gold or silver rings.
  • The inscription you would like on the rings.
  • Whether you’d like to use your own personal vows or ours.

All shard facets are catered to. Inscriptions and vows may be used subject to approval. Please feel free to contact the shard EMs with any questions.


With Publish 66 there are now two ways to setup a player memorial.

  1. The Prime Evil Lich Champion drops 6 different styles of headstones. These can be engraved with the Statuette Engraving Tool and be locked down in your houses for a private memorial.
  2. Players may request an EM placed memorial.

If you are interested in having a memorial placed to honour a player in a public place, please e-mail Oceania EMs with your request. All requests are subject to the final approval of Mesanna.

Please include the following within your request:

  • Name of the player the memorial is for.
  • Location you would like the memorial to be placed.
  • Up to 5 lines of text to be placed on the memorial itself.
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4
    Line 5
  • Any decoration to surround the memorial. We can lock down flowers/plants provided by players. Any other items are subject to approval.
  • The date you would like the memorial placed, to perhaps coincide with any ceremony you might organise.

Any requests that need modifying will receive a response asking for a revised request. Please be courteous and respectful with your requests. Any offensive or demeaning messages on the memorial will not be approved.

Player Town Banners

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