Nov 062013

As many as possable to try and beat the record  Same rules as last time  see below .

Start at 6:30 pm  on the 17/11/2013 .

1) Players contend for the highest Void Pool Record by

defeating waves of Cora’s Minions.

2) No time limit, Players are allowed to leave and/ or join as long as

the spawn is going on.

3) Players are also allowed to leave for supplies such as bandages and

potions etc. as needed and return to the fight.

4) Players will enter Covetous and next to the Void pool via EM Gate.

5) If the void pool is under attack when we arrive, the current spawn

will be “passed” .

7) No Obstacles are allowed to Block the spawn.

( Cast Fields ARE allowed-e.g.: Energy,paralyze..)

8) Yes, your critters are allowed *grins*