Apr 262011

Greetings Oceanians!

Your help is cordially requested by Tang the Tokuno Naturalist. He is trying to chase down evidence of the now extinct Tokuno Dragon. You can find Tang at the First Library of Britain… in Britain! (Felucca and Trammel)

Speak with Tang and he will set you on this road of discovery! He will be in Britain for a limited time, best see him ASAP.


Aeon and Delang

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  5 Responses to “Oceania Easter Event 2011”

  1. None on oceania has been able to complete this event we got as far as Suvia and the dragonoligist but NOONE has been able to get any further or find the pink eggs

    • I posted this on Stratics.

      You have found two people needed to put a clue together, Nisaen and Foster.

      One tells you where to look, the other tells you what to look for.

  2. Is Tang gone already? I can’t find him.

    • Tang is still there. The First Library of Britain is not the library near the castle but the one near the docks.

  3. ok thankyou 🙂