Kravin’s been spotted… or has he?

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Mar 062015

Rumors are flying everywhere in Sosaria. So many are telling the king that Kravin has been spotted. Most are not panning out. One rumor though, seems to be a bit more legitimate.  King Blackthorn has brought in Captain Storme to head a manhunt through a dungeon Kravin’s been rumored to be hiding in. All citizens have been asked to help the Cpt. in his quest.

Monthly Counsel Meeting

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Mar 062015

It’s that time again for the current Governors to take their chairs with King BlackThorn and discuss town business. All are welcome to attend.

Monthly Meet & Greet

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Mar 062015

Come sit and talk at the monthly Meet & Greet. Bring your questions, your comments, and food and drink. Let’s sit and chat!

Pets Revolt!!!

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Mar 062015

Some of the pets are tired of being mistreated and have banded together to show their anger. They have destroyed buildings, fencing, etc and have decided to attack anyone who stands in their way. They must be dealt with before it spreads across Sosaria and all pets join the revolt.

Naked Relay Race

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Mar 062015

Pick your partner!! Tonight we will be having a 2 man/woman naked relay race.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will have their names and places on signs placed in the reward hall.

Fishing Contest

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Mar 062015

Looking for the biggest Giant Koi in the land!! The winner will be mounted and displayed in the Reward Hall.  Good luck all!!!!