The Eyes Have it

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Jan 282015

29-Jan-15 @7PM please meet at the Counsel Hall.  We will go check on Moretta, the Dragon Queen. She has been anxious lately.  dragonwizardEVENT

The Eyes Have it… so where is it?

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Jan 122015

Evil has entered our land.  But we’re not aware of all Kravin has done, or has in store.  What we do know, is this is an evil we have never seen before.  Where he is hiding, only his loyal mercenaries know.  What he is up to, we can only guess at this point.  We must find his hiding spot.  We must make him pay, and we must keep our land safe from this vile creature and send him back to hell.



Meeting place to be announced.

Counsel Meeting

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Jan 122015

January 2015 meeting with the Governors and the King. This is also open to the public. The King is back from a long trip to discuss diplomacy and future trade agreements. Come one come all.

Evil blown in from the east

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Jan 122015


When: 15-01-15
Time: 1900 7:00pm
Where: To be announced shortly. Looking for the “perfect” spot to get this started. There will be a LOT of moving around. This is the beginning of a pretty big arc. Please read the fiction titled “There’s No Place Like Home” to see what transpired prior to this event.

Since there is one of me.. and this is going to be turned into a pretty big arc, the story line will be taking place in different areas. I will give all of you plenty of notice as to where to go. See you there!

There’s No Place Like Home….

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Jan 122015
     A strange wind blew in from the east.
Mabel looked out her small window to see if a
storm was coming in, but the sky remained
blue and cloudless.
     With a shrug she went back to unpacking.
She was taking out many vials, and arranging
them carefully.  Others have called her a
witch for her abilities.  She can make
potions for almost anything, as well as the
ability to speak with the animals.  These
abilities made her subject to much fear.  She
had been run out of many places before.  She
hoped this time it would be different.
     Being deep in thought, she didn’t hear
the commotion going on outside at first.  But
as it got nosier, she came out of her
thoughts and went to her front door.  Mabel
opened the door tentatively at first, but
stopped dead in her tracks as she saw what
was making all the noise.  Animals of all
shapes and sizes were running by in panic.
All seemed to be fleeing the strange east
wind.  she started to step outside, but
quickly darted back in, as to not get
trampled by a frightened stag as he ran by,
not even seeing her in his panic.
     She calmed herself, and focused all her
energy on listening to the animals.  She
heard many tiny voices, but all she could
make out was one word over and over……
This is a lead into the arc that is starting this month.  MUCH more to come!! <3

Stool Race.. with a twist!!!

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Jan 042015

Oceania Event! 8-Jan-2015 7pm. We will be holding a stool race!! Lots of fun! Winner will have their name on a plaque at the rewards hall! Please come, participate, cheer, or cheer once eliminated. More information to follow.