Hello Oceania!!!

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Dec 112014

Wanted to introduce myself to those who haven’t met me yet.  I’m ShanyraFyre, some call me Shan, or Fyre, or SF, whatever works.  I am looking forward to getting to know ALL of you, your likes and dislikes, etc. I am always looking to hear from any/all of you as well. You can email me at ANY time,  shanyrafyre@uoem.net.  I am also on Facebook as EM ShanyraFyre and will have the same for twitter shortly.

I am currently working on a quick December calendar, it will be  a little short, but I do have an event in for the 27th of December.  I will post more on that shortly, and get the criers going. 🙂

See you soon!

EM ShanyraFyre