Dungeon Terror

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Jul 242013

Event Sunday the 28th  6:30 pm ASDT

A trip to a seldom used dungeon, loot is abundent but not as you think , Danger in also abundent , getting in and out alive ,i’ll keep you guessing .

Come along and enjoy the challange. Smiles

EM Balthazar




Void pool

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Jul 102013

Hello everyone there is and event oin sunday night starting at 6:30 pm ASDT

Voild Pool Challange

Baja have put up a good fight in the void pool 86 runs in approx 2 hours

This sunday we will try and beat them !

Rules are as follows


1) Players contend for the
highest Void Pool Record by defeating waves of Cora’s

2) No time limit, Players are
allowed to leave and/ or join as long as the spawn is going on.

3) Players are also allowed to
leave for supplies such as bandages and potions etc. as needed and
return to the fight.

4) Players will enter Covetous
and next to the Void pool via EM Gate.

5) If the void pool is under
attack when we arrive, the current spawn will be “passed”.

7) No Obstacles are allowed to
Block the spawn. ( Cast Fields ARE allowed-e.g.: Energy,

8) Yes, your critters are allowed

Cheers EM_Balthazar