Traveller event up date and catch up to part one

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Nov 032012

In the Traveller event part one the players meet Charlotte the traveller on an
island in the Tokuno Group not far from Zento .

There the players were filled in on what had happened to her and her travelling companions so far.

They were give two tasks

One :To protect Charlotte and the scrolls that she was carrying.

Two : To  hunt down and kill “Waldo“ the traitor  Closing the rift and stopping
any more guardians from hunting Charlotte and preventing  her from carrying out her mission .

In the ensuing battles the guardians where defeated
this time, Waldo’s Helpers meet their demise and Waldo himself was dispatched.

However the master scroll was destroyed and the whereabouts of the others is unknown.

A distraught Charlotte has been left with no way home and must now find a way to get another master scroll which is the key to finding the others and completing her mission.