Traveller event

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Oct 242012

Event This Saturday 27/10/2012 At 7 pm ASDT  moongate from the luna Bank ” The Travler ” first part in a series ,

Bring you Fighting Gear  and a boat and your sea sick pills .

Also a thankyou to thows who took part in the horse race of Britain Watch this space and train thows naggs there is more to come !

For the player’s  outside Australia who play Oceania you can get your time calucations from the web site below by inputting in my published times and converting to your time zone “Please take note of daylight savings in you area

New Permanent EM Arrives on Oceania

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Oct 012012

Hello I intorduce my self as EM Balthazar

New and permanent EM for oceania shard .

Meet and Greet’s  where carried out over this past weekend and a lot of feed back from players was obtained.

There where 30 players  on the first night and 20 players on the second  at these Meet and Greet’s.

It was a pleasure to meet you all at last.

I will endevor to keep you informed here threw regular up dates on these pages.

EM Balthazar