Battle Chess weekend!

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Nov 202010

We have a Battle Chess event planned for tomorrow night.

All the exciting details can be found here!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Battle Chess! Sunday November 21st 8PM

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Nov 202010

Battle Chess!

Plot: The game is Battle Chess.

  • Tactics will be similar to regular chess but the game play will not be.
  • The winners will be the team to lose all their pieces first.
  • Players representing a piece must move as that piece would move in a regular chess game.
  • Blue Team will start on one side of the board, Green will start on the other.
  • Out of courtesy, could spectators please not fight.
  • Players will be teleported onto the board. When teams are decided. Teams will elect a King to play them and the King will choose who will play each piece.
  • Robes dyed in team colors will be given to each player.
  • A dice will be rolled to determine who starts.
  • Pieces MUST attack other pieces if they are placed in harms way.
  • First side to lose all pieces including King wins.
  • Players will be given a bag of poison potions to assist them.

The event will be held in Felucca.

  • You will die.
  • We cannot prevent murder counts from being given but we ask that in the spirit of the event, please do not give murder counts.
  • PvP skills are not necessary to win.
  • No equipment necessary; the less you have insured, the less you will lose.
  • Anybody can play.

Felucca meeting point: Britain Bank.
Trammel meeting point: Castle Britannia Barracks.

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