A race against time!

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Nov 262010

It’s a race against the clock for Captain Ellis and the Royal Guard and volunteers this coming Monday evening.

Will Mitchell die at the hands of blood thirsty fiends?
Will Ellis ultimately prevent Aezriana from obtaining the statue she so desperately wants?
Will Lucy ever submit her recipe for chocolate cheese to the Castle chef?

More event details here.

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Rescue Mitchell!

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Nov 262010

This coming Monday night 29th November at 7:30PM AEDT (3:30AM EST) there will be a race against time to rescue Private Mitchell, a member of the Royal Guard.

During the rescue attempt of Commander Viktor Cotume, Private Mitchell managed to escape and went into hiding. He found what it was Viktor had hidden for Ellis Duffield and sent word to Duffield to meet him…

But Ellis isn’t the only person with an interest in what was hidden at the vinculum.

Meet Captain Ellis Duffield at Castle Britannia barracks at 7:30PM 29th November to see if you can aid (or hinder) the rescue of Private Mitchell and what Viktor had hidden.

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Christmas Decorating Competition

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Nov 222010

Oceania will be having a Christmas Decorating Competition.

Decorate either a room, series of rooms or an entire house in your best Christmas theme.

You will have until the 12th of December to finalise your entry. From the 12th of December, voting will commence.

Please register your interest either here or email myself or Aeon.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

EM Delang

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Battle Chess weekend!

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Nov 202010

We have a Battle Chess event planned for tomorrow night.

All the exciting details can be found here!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Battle Chess! Sunday November 21st 8PM

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Nov 202010

Battle Chess!

Plot: The game is Battle Chess.

  • Tactics will be similar to regular chess but the game play will not be.
  • The winners will be the team to lose all their pieces first.
  • Players representing a piece must move as that piece would move in a regular chess game.
  • Blue Team will start on one side of the board, Green will start on the other.
  • Out of courtesy, could spectators please not fight.
  • Players will be teleported onto the board. When teams are decided. Teams will elect a King to play them and the King will choose who will play each piece.
  • Robes dyed in team colors will be given to each player.
  • A dice will be rolled to determine who starts.
  • Pieces MUST attack other pieces if they are placed in harms way.
  • First side to lose all pieces including King wins.
  • Players will be given a bag of poison potions to assist them.

The event will be held in Felucca.

  • You will die.
  • We cannot prevent murder counts from being given but we ask that in the spirit of the event, please do not give murder counts.
  • PvP skills are not necessary to win.
  • No equipment necessary; the less you have insured, the less you will lose.
  • Anybody can play.

Felucca meeting point: Britain Bank.
Trammel meeting point: Castle Britannia Barracks.

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November Meet and Greet!

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Nov 142010

I’m holding a rather impromptu Meet and Greet tonight at the EM Hall!

Details can be found here

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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Meet and Greet November

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Nov 142010

Hello everyone!

Meet me tonight at the EM Hall in Britain (north of town) for a Meet and Greet session.

Tonight, 14th November at 8:00PM AEDST (4:00AM EST) at the EM Hall.

There is lots to talk about so bring your friends and guild for some fun.

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A new face to Britain

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Nov 082010

A new face has come to Britain. He has a task that you might be able to help him with!

Meet him at Castle Britannia Barracks at 7PM AEDST (3AM EST) on 11th November.

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