and tell Lucy…

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Sep 282010
“Curious…” She drawled; lifting her lilac eyes from the blood and viscera caking her taloned hands.
“Bring me Cotume!”
Wings and heads bowed, two of Aezriana’s handmaidens bent to retrieve the limp form the grotto floor, dragging the slack body along the antechamber already slick with fresh blood.
Moments later the two succubi returned, their talons digging deeply into the shoulders of a crestfallen man . He was clad in the dilapidated vestiges of a once smart leather uniform with strands of long, grey hair clinging to his grimy face in greasy tendrils.
Aezriana’s penetrating gaze evenly travelled the length of the Viktor’s dejected form, briefly coming to rest upon a tattered purple sash encircling his chest.
“Ah, Viktor… allow me to illuminate the precarious situation you find yourself in,”
“You waste your time, Aezriana. I won’t tell you anything,” he rasped feebly.
The hint of an alluring smile swept across Aezriana’s full lips as she regarded the man. She leant in closely, her lips brushing teasingly against his left cheek before coming to rest centimetres from his ear.
“Hush…” she cooed softly “You don’t need to say a word.” In one fluid movement her vicious talons pierced the soft flesh of his abdomen, spilling his insides to the cavern floor. The handmaidens tightened their grip on Viktor as his knees buckled and his hands twitched in a desperate attempt to reach the gaping wound in his stomach.
“Lips, although useful, seep deception with every word… where as this method, although archaic is very accurate. You have betrayed yourself without even whimpering a syllable!”
Drawing away from the dying man, her lilac eyes once again studied the gore coating her hands with inquisitive intent.
“Just as I thought. It seems betraying your friend Ellis finally got to you, Viktor.”
Her dark eyes glittered coldly as she surveyed Viktor’s pain contorted face.
“I must admit I am slightly surprised, I thought you were more intelligent than to steal the statue from me… but the lengths you’ve gone to hide the location from me… ” Aezriana paused, her tongue clicking loudly with apparent annoyance.
“Bah! Dispose of this traitorous fool!”
A dull thud echoed around the grotto as Viktor’s body impacted heavily on the filthy cavern floor.
As the pitilessly cackling of the succubi began to fade, a uniformed man stepped from the shadows, kneeling before the dying man.
“Commander Cotume?”
“P…Private Mitchell?”
The solider nodded, his sunken eyes frantically searching the gloom for any sign of the handmaidens return.
“We’re moving out. Aezriana has commanded us back to the surface, I won’t leave you to die in this hellhole, Commander.”
Viktor motioned the young soldier closer, his frail hands grasping the front of Mitchell’s uniform.
“You are an admirable man, Private Mitchell… But I am done for… Just…” Viktor paused  as he began coughing violently, his grip tightening on Mitchell’s collar. “Tell Ellis… it’s at the vinculum… And Lucy… tell Lucy I’m so sorry.”
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Hello World

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Sep 072010

Welcome to the Oceania shard EM site!

The site is currently being built and we would appreciate your understanding and patience while this happens. It won’t be too long before it is advertised to the world!

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