Archery Contest

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Sep 222015

Meet at Counsel Hall (unless arrangements change) and we’ll be gated to the archery buttes. At that time we will have 3 at a time, 3 shots. Highest scores will move on until we have one winner. Do you have what it takes??

Meet & Greet

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Aug 022015

4-Aug@6pm Meet at the Counsel hall for talking, telling stories, any concerns you would like to bring up. Come one, come all!!

Sword or Sacrifice

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Jun 222015

Meet at Counsel hall. Gates to be provided. Gadriel will meet everyone there, and map out the plan to go and find his father’s sword.

Surprise Event

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Jun 222015

Meet at Counsel Hall.  We will discuss a few things and then off on a surprise adventure!!!

Gladiator Trials (PvP)

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Jun 222015

Gates provided at Luna and Fel West Brit Bank. Will be going to t2a or Ocllo.  Rules to be given when all arrive.  Spectators welcome!!

Counsel Meeting

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Jun 222015

@6pm Meet at Blackthorn Castle. This is a meeting between King and current reigning Governors, but all are invited to join!!

Sapphire Eye of Dungeon Doom

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Jun 222015

Meet at Blackthorn castle @6pm to be briefed on what has been going on in the land, and what new adventures await!!! Come prepared for battle!!!

Seeking Gadriel

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May 122015

After the post King Blackthorn received, he has called all citizens to try and find the lad known as Gadriel, to help a realm he never knew existed.  It seems this young man in the answer to the future of this unknown, but intriguing world.