EM Mephisto arrives on Oceania! Be ready for the first event : “The Collectionist”

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Jun 042016

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that Oceania will start having again EM events!!!

Be ready soon with your characters! We will have to fight EVIL and our trips will be dangerous and funny !!

Waiting to see you soon at the events.


EM Mephisto

Governors meeting

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Apr 182014

Hello everyone

Governors meeting Friday the 25th  at 7 pm  asdt Castle Blackthorne

Can all Governors please attend thankyou

EM_Balthazar for

King Blackthorne

problems with this sight

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Apr 012014

can anyone experiancing problems with this sight report  it to me , include list of problems time , date etc so i can have it followed up you can e-mail me threw the usual chanells.


Events for march 2013

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Feb 212013

Hello everyone ,

I trust you have had a safe and happy holiday season .

Events for march 2013 are as follows :

Friday the 8th March  7 pm ASDT

Archery on the archery field next to the councilers guild britian

Can some on knock Garret Jax II of his pirch ????

Saturday 23rd March 7 pm ASDT

Dungeon Smack down  Details to come


A Christmas Message From EM_Balthazar

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Dec 122012

Hello everyone ,

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013.

And on the Behalf of you “Players of Oceania”the same message to the players of the other shards

And to the Producer  staff of “E,A Mythic” and my fellow “EM’S”

We all look Forward to the coming year and hope there are many battles left in us.

Remember this “ What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger “

Again Merry Christmas to all and a very happy New Year


New Permanent EM Arrives on Oceania

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Oct 012012

Hello I intorduce my self as EM Balthazar

New and permanent EM for oceania shard .

Meet and Greet’s  where carried out over this past weekend and a lot of feed back from players was obtained.

There where 30 players  on the first night and 20 players on the second  at these Meet and Greet’s.

It was a pleasure to meet you all at last.

I will endevor to keep you informed here threw regular up dates on these pages.

EM Balthazar

Last Man Standing Returns!

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Aug 272011

Time for all brave souls to once again gather for a battle of blade and brawn… a melee of might and mettle…

Indeed ’tis time again to see who is the champion !

Meet at the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae, Felucca, Sunday 28 August at 2:00 pm AEDT.

Do you have what it takes to be the Last Man Standing?

EM Scavenger Hunt

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Aug 192011

An afternoon of travel and discovery awaits! Join us Sunday 21 August at 2:00 p.m AEDT  (Saturday 20 August 9:00 p.m PDT) at the EM Hall in Britain and test your sleuthing skills!

Meet and Greet August 2011

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Aug 102011

I will be at the EM Hall this Sunday 14th August, 7:00PM AEST (5am EDT) for a meet and greet with Oceania.

I’m looking forward to updating everyone about the EM program on Oceania.

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Updated Oceania Fishing Extravaganza

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May 302011

The fishing extravaganza has been rescheduled to Wednesday 1 June 2011.

Meet Skara Brae docks 7.30pm AEST. Fishing contest will end at 9.30pm AEST.

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