Updated Oceania Fishing Extravaganza

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May 302011

The fishing extravaganza has been rescheduled to Wednesday 1 June 2011.

Meet Skara Brae docks 7.30pm AEST. Fishing contest will end at 9.30pm AEST.

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Oceania Fishing Extravaganza Postponed

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May 252011

Unfortunately, we will have to postpone this event given the issues with the server (of which I have no information to pass on).

Please watch this space for an updated date and time.

After the popular success of the Oceania v Origin fishing contest, we are holding one just for Oceania (after many requests from you all).

Meet Skara Brae docks, 2.00pm AEST

Sunday 29th May.

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May Last Man Standing

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May 192011

Yes, a month has come around very quickly.

Who will be the last person standing this time?

Meet at the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae, Felucca.

Monday 23rd May 8.00pm AEST

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Where’s Lucy?

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May 102011

After the death of her beloved Vikktor Cotume some time ago, Lucy appears to have succumbed to her bereavement and has left her post at the Brit Barracks.

What has happened to Lucy the Herald?
To begin our search for Lucy, meet at the Brit Barracks on Sunday 15th May 8.00pm AEST.

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Last Man Standing – Sunday 17th April

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Apr 152011

Many people will leave broken and tattered.

Only one person will leave victorious.

Last man standing – Sunday 17th April 8.00pm AEDT

Meet at Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae Felucca

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Rewards from the previous event

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Apr 052011

Hello everyone! For those who attended the event last Friday, there is an
opportunity to collect your reward at the following times:

Tuesday from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM and 11:00PM to 12:00AM
Wednesday from 9:00PM to 10:00PM
Thursday from 8:00PM to 10:00PM

Please log in with the characters you attended the event with and wait
patiently. After 30 minutes, if you’re still waiting, please email
with your character name and where you
are waiting (facet and sextant coordinates).

If you have any questions or concerns please email either of the above

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A cleansing is afoot – this Friday 1st April 8.00pm AEDT

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Mar 242011

It is time Magincia was cleansed.

Meet Brit Barracks Sun 27th March 8.00pm AEDT

Edit: We’re very sorry but the event has been postponed until

Monday 28th March 8.00pm AEDT.

Meet at the barracks!

Edit: Due to technical difficulties (the pie oven being broken) we have had to delay this event. Please check back here as we will update this site and stratics with the date for the event. As a heads up – please keep this Friday pencilled in your diaries!

Edit: This event will go ahead now on Friday 1st April 8.00pm AEDT

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Naked Dungeon Run – do you dare?

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Feb 072011

This Thursday the 10th February @ 8.00pm AEDT we will be holding a naked dungeon run. Test your skill against monsters and your fellow competitors.

Where? Meet EM Hall in Britain

The Rules:

This is a naked dungeon run – therefore no pets, no mounts (ethereal or otherwise) and make sure your packs are empty when you come.

You will be provided with a token bag of things that ”may” help you survive.

Should you be successful in killing any monsters, you may keep equipment from them and utilise them during the remainder of your run.

Who will be the first person out?

See you there 😉

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Australiana themed deco contest

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Jan 272011

As Australia recently celebrated Australia day, we will be hosting an Australian themed deco contest.

We will give entrants until the end of February (as this may require more work than the Christmas contest) to complete their designs.

More information on voting etc will be provided closer to the end date.

Aeon and I look forward to seeing your entries!

EM Delang

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